You don’t need an advanced degree in science or math to contribute to your child’s STEM education. At Youth Atlanta Stem Academy we meet your child where they are in their educational journey.

Although most of the curriculum surrounding STEM occurs in the classroom, children spend the majority of their time outside of school. This is where parents can be most valuable in helping their children to learn about STEM careers and how to solve problems. Parents inspire, support, develop and expose their children to learning experiences through STEM activities, such as YASA.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math known as STEM is all interconnected. Children often do not understand how much STEM impacts their daily lives and crosses the career spectrum.

STEM careers range from dental hygiene, occupational therapy, automotive manufacturing, offshore oil drilling to astronomy and rocket science.


At YASA, our focus is to make STEM learning interactive and accessible for everyone rather than just being cool. We enlist parents to recruit other parents to enhance our program offerings for all children from first grade through eighth grade. We register students based on an application process. We look at the student’s grades and STEM interests to enroll them in the appropriate workshops to enhance their STEM curiosity.

Our hands-on program activities are offered two Saturdays a month from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We offer nutritional snacks and beverages throughout your students learning activity. We ask that parents pick-up and drop off on a timely basis. We recruit graduate students from local colleges and universities in the Atlanta metropolitan area along with professionals within the STEM disciplines to facilitate our “Weekend Warrior” workshops.

The benefits of registering your child for our YASA program is that we differ from other STEM programs offered in the metropolitan area: we offer Coding, Mobile App/Game Development and Robotics at the elementary school level.

At YASA, we believe it is imperative that STEM exploration begins during the formative years rather than when children reach middle or high school and have already began to formulate their likes and dislikes about education.

Please join us! We look forward to working with you and your children for years to come.

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